Nova was extremely excited to participate in todays review, as it is all about TOYS! Three companies that create some of the most durable plush toys on the market sent us a couple of their toys to review. All of these toys would make great gifts for the upcoming holiday!

What We Received


To Nova’s delight we received six different toys to review. Below is an overview off each toy we recieved:

Trusty Pup

*Trusty Pup Durable Dragon Toy – This adorable plush dragon toy harbours a high-pitched squeaker and durable chew resistant lining. This fabric is designed to be stronger and last longer than an average material regardless of how rough your pup is with toys. There is a sample of the fabric where the tag is located and I must say it definitely adds a bit more strength the toy.

*Trusty Pup Durable Lion – The lion toy is flat with a single high-pitched squeaker in the middle. It also features the durable chew resistant fabric the dragon toy features.

Go Dog


*Go Dog Monkey – The Go Dog monkey features slidable arms and legs which Nova loves to pull from side to side! It features chew guard technology and a squeaker in the hands feet and body! It also has a bubbled fabric texture to add extra stimulation.

*Go Dog Fur Ball – Upon receiving these products, I realized I had already bought two of them years ago! They are still in like new condition and are affectionately known as “the puffles” in our house. Luna and Nova were so excited to receive another one in rainbow colors this time! This one featured a large squeaker in the middle and the chew guard technology as well.

*Go Dog ScrewBallz – The girls love tennis balls with a passion, so these new innovative tennis balls were a hit! These have bumps on them so when you throw them they bounce around unpredictably. They are also much heavier than a standard tennis ball due to their tough core. Tough core is a foam insert that adds extra strength to the ball. Despite their weight they also float! I think these tennis balls will last forever!

Hear Doggy Gator

We received one toy from Hear Doggy and these are by far my favorite! All Hear Doggy toys are ultrasonic, meaning us humans can’t hear the squeaker! A human can hear up to 20 KHz while dogs can hear up to 45 KHz. The squeaker in these toys 24 KHz, making it just ut of range of human hearing. To me it sounds like a puff of air coming out of the squeker, but the girls seem to really be  drawn to its sound! This is the first toy they wanted to play with! This toy has chew guard technology as well.

Be sure to check out all three of these great companies to see all that they have to offer! They each have other products available such as dog beds and other acceceries!


*Disclaimer: We recieved these porducts at no cost in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own.*

One thought on “The Perfect Presents From Trusty Pup, Go Dog, & Hear Doggy!

  1. I’m looking for a Go Dog Donkey,
    which my dog loves and destroys;
    I purchased four of these beige colour Donkey which stands about
    15” or 38 cm tall. Now pet stores tell
    me only the small size is available
    even if ordered by a retail shop.
    Can you advise if this large size is
    still available for sale and where.

    My bulldog is despondent – she pines for her favorite toy and now
    is trying to make due with Elephant,
    which is the size she requires but
    not at all the same in her mind.
    I recommend these products to all
    as the material is very tough and
    holds up to a professional chewer
    (700 years of chewing bull hide), the
    breed took centuries to develop.

    Your advice much appreciated,


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