Caru Cares About Your Pets! (Caru Dog Treat Review)

With the recent opening of our blog and our increasing number of Instagram followers Luna and Nova have been uping their game recently! They’ve been working overtime doing extra photo shoots, learning new tricks, and brushing up on their cuteness levels. With all of this work, they have been earning a lot of additional treats as well! That’s why we were thrilled when Caru picked us to review a couple of their Soft n’ Tasty treats! Not only were the girls excited about the additional yum yum’s they’d be receiving, Caru also happens to create some of their favorite treats ever!

Caru was nice enough to send us a pack of Wild Boar Recipe Baked Bites and a pack of Alligator Recipe Baked Bites. So exotic!


About Caru

To us, the story behind a company is just as important as the quality of their products. Caru does not fall short in either area.

Caru was started by two health care professionals when their dog, Karu (yes there is a Karu!), began to have health issues. They started Karu on a homemade diet, and his condition quickly changed for the better! Inspired by Karu’s transformation, the two created Caru with quality in mind. They wanted to form a brand that turned the taste and quality of homemade meals into convenient food and treats.

With their personal experience, high quality products and motto to “nourish with love”, it’s no wonder Caru won the 2014 Editors Choice Pet Products News Awards!

What We Like About Them



We must say, there isn’t much we don’t like about this product! Actually, we can’t think of ANYTHING we don’t like, aside from the fact that the girls would like an endless supply of them! Of course we need some reasoning for our infinite love for Caru, so here’s a few reasons:

>The ingredients

Caru makes their treats with only quality ingredients (none sourced from China!). You will never find any wheat, gluten, soy, or animal by-product in their recipes. The first ingredient is always the meat. In our alligator treats, the first ingrediant is actually alligator! In our wild boar treats, again, the first ingredient is actual wild boar meat! Even better, there are only nine ingredients in total! In an overly processed society, it is nice to have some simple options for our fur babies.

>The Packaging

Caru’s packaging design is simple yet eye-catching. It features a view into the bag, so you can see the treats you will be feeding your pups. Their ingredients are clear and readable. Overall, the package is very attractive for us humans.

>The Texture

One of our favorite aspects of these treats is their texture. The treats are soft, making it easy to break them into little bits, without making a mess. We have found his extra helpful lately with all the additional training sessions around here!

>Puppy Approved!

Luna and Nova get oh so excited when they see the Caru treats come out! I can tell when the girls like some treats more than others. Well, Caru is one of their top picks! They are much more engaged in training sessions when I use Caru treats as a reward. More engagement equals better results! It’s a win win!

>The People

The Caru team are some of the nicest people we have worked with! They even sent Luna and Nova a personalized note with their treats! We are so grateful to work with such kind hearted people who care as much about my fur kids as I do.




Unfortunately we couldn’t score any discounts this time, but Caru treats are worth the price! To learn more about Caru or to view their whole product line visit Caru Pet Food. Or follow their social media accounts below:






*Disclaimer: These products were sent to us for free in return for an honest review. All opinions are our own.*


2 thoughts on “Caru Cares About Your Pets! (Caru Dog Treat Review)

  1. My dog doesnt like them. Tried all flavors of caru baked bites and bars and still refuse to eat it. My dog is a golden retriever by the way


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